About CES

Founded in 1981, China Electrotechnical Society(CES)is the leading academic, non profitable national society of Electrical Engineering.

With over 50,000 individual members including 2,100 senior members, more than 1500 group members, 11 working committees, 64 technical divisions and 17 provinces and municipality’s sections, CES has set up a high-end academic exchange platform for Scientific researchers, experts, technicians, enterprise managers who are engaged in the field of Electrical Engineering. The Main Activities of CES are:

  1. Host academic conference
  2. Pubication
  3. Education and Accreditation
  4. Science popuarization
  5. CES Science & Technoogy Reward and other rewards works
  6. Reease the standards 
  7. Exhibition
  8. Consuting

The headquarter of CES is located in Beijing and executed the resolutions carry by the council of CES. The National Members Congress (NMC) is the highest leadership organizations of CES and the Council and the standing council is as the governing body of CES. There are 187 elected directors and 57 elected executive directors including 8 academicians in the newest Council (the 8th) of CES.

To foster technological innovation, to advocate open, equal and mutually beneficial cooperation and to provide a full range of services to our members is the core purpose of CES.